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Celebrity Closet Inspiration

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If your New Year’s resolution is to revamp your closet space, you should take a tumble down the rabbit hole of The Coveteur’s Closet series.  The website provides glimpses into the closets of dozens of tastemakers around the world.  Here are just five of our favorite spaces, designed to inspire your New Year’s resolutions.

The Coveteur gives us a peek at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s LA closet.  The space is glamorous and feminine, just the sort of space you would expect the fashion model to have at home.  From the crystal chandelier to the plush white rug, the entire room is soft and sparkly.

By contrast, Chrissy Teigen‘s gorgeous Los Angeles closet’s dark wood tones lend it an almost masculine vibe.  The moody colors set off her collection of sexy stilettos, hats and handbags.

The Malibu closet of supermodel Cindy Crawford is filled with amazing clothing and shoes, but they are displayed in a very practical way.  Each pair of shoes is visible and reachable, showing that this is a closet that actually is used!

The Coveteur’s tour of Oprah‘s Harpo Studios closet revealed the rainbow of colors the media magnate wore over her years on air.  Folded sweaters and shirts were carefully organized by color to keep the large space as manageable as possible.

Sneakerheads will be awe of musician Rick Ross‘s Atlanta closet.  His 109-room mansion boasts walls and walls dedicated to storing and displaying his massive sneaker collection.

Which of these celebrity closets speaks to you the most?  Is it Rose Huntington-Whiteley’s femininity or Oprah’s color-coded organization? Let us know in the comments!

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